The birch tree is known to be the bringer of promise, light and new beginnings.  It symbolizes a sense of renewal as it’s thin layers of bark are shed to allow its center to start fresh.  Renewal & new beginnings, we believe, are the foundation for originality, reinvention and self-expression...the essence of creativity.
birchwood celebrates independent artists and creative product design that allow us all to continuously experience new beginnings through creativity. We want to inspire you to "live creatively" by adding meaningful pieces to your home that are inventive and fresh, that tell a story, or that reflect who you are and what you love. 
birchwood opened in 2016 as a brick and mortar location in the Knox/Henderson area of Dallas, TX.  It’s unique space, the hip and trendy part of town and the carefully curated selection of home décor products all created the full story of the brand to help it come to life.  
After much consideration, the store location has now closed. However our personal decorating and product sourcing services are still apart of the business as they have always been. We have also now launched an online store to continue to enable you to shop for fun new home décor items from the comfort of your own home.