Sometimes we need help with a vision for an entire room.  But other times, we have our foundation set, but are just missing that one specific piece that will finish it out.  We are here to help make your life a little easier by sourcing product options that fit within your individual criteria.   You can give us some guidelines such as: type of piece, style, material, color, budget, dimension, etc.

Based on your needs, we will send you pictures and details for 5-10 product options that can be ordered.  We can often times also request fabric swatches and wood samples as well if you need to make sure it matches just right.  We work with many different kinds of customers beyond just individual homeowners.  If you are a designer and need sourcing for a specific project, we are here help!  If you own a small business and need a few pieces for an office or a lobby, we do that too! 

If you would like additional information about finding that special piece for your space, send over a note to with some information about what you are looking for and the best way to contact you.